1199 - Der Prinz und der Bucklige
The Prince and the Hunchback
Kurt Mahr

On the way to their next destination, Rhodan and Nachor are attacked by the Vendoori, a race of invisible creatures working for the Armadasmith. As their situation is almost hopeless, a hunchback appears and takes the two men through an invisible transmitter that projects them three million kilometers away.

Nachor's memory is showing encouragins signs of recovery and he tells Rhodan that they are in an area called the Shadowless Country. Faced with dangers, Nachor tells Rhodan that these are illusions and that they are not at risk. Following a sign looking like a broken arrow, Nachor takes Rhodan to a transmitter while explaining they need to look for the Tassaui, a highly advanced technological race serving Ordoban.

As the 900,000 Barbarian spaceships are about to attack the critically outnumbered Galactic Fleet, the Armadasmiths decide to call back the Barbarians and send them after Rhodan. Two million Barbarians enter the Loolandre and start their search.

Discovered by Barbarians, Rhodan is exposed to the blackmail from the Armadasmiths: if they don't surrender, Atlan and the other prisoners will be executed. Rhodan decides to ignore the threat and accompanied with Nachor, they disappear and continue their search for the Tassaui. As Nachor remembers the old language of his original race, the Saddreykars, the Hunchback appears to them and tells them that the Tassaui disappeared after they stopped hearing from Ordoban.

Guided by the hunchback, Rhodan and Nachor reach the Room of the Stars, where Nachor finally regains his memory. Standing in the middle of the room, Nachor suddenly changes appearance and starts braodcasting a message to the entire Endless Armada, asking everyone to resist the Armadasmiths. Simultaneously, all the Goon Blocks and the Armadamonteurs are deactivated. The Torkrotians surrender and the prisoners are freed.

Nachor finally tells Rhodan the he is the son of Ordoban and he starts telling his story.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-15

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