1198 - Traumzeit
Dream Time
H.G. Ewers

Perry Rhodan and Nachor of Loolandre land on a planet where they meet with clones of Jen Salik and Icho Tolot. When Rhodan realizes the trap, it's too late and Quartson captures the two men with an army of robots. However, when he presents his prisoners to Parwondov, they turn out to be robots.

Meanwhile, Eric Weidenburn has taken control back of the protoplasm and he overpowers several vital control elements inside the Loolandre. The Armadasmiths send out another creature made of protoplasm whose goal is to poison Weidenburn. When the former Terran recognizes the attack, it's too late and shortly before he dies, he realizes that his spiritual body is the union between the human spirit and the mind of the Cosmocrat Taurec.

Aboard a small shuttle, Rhodan and Nachor of Loolandre have entered the Loolandre where they face an army of Armada Monteurs. They are rescued by the Gevanendres, a race who lives inside the Loolandre and that has recognized Nachor as the Prince of the Armada. The Gevenendre take Rhodan and Nachor to their city. As they walk through the Loolandre, Nachor's memory slowly surfaces back and he tells Rhodan he knows where their next destination is.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-15

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