1197 - Der Psi-Schlag
The Psi Strike
H.G. Ewers

As the Armadasmiths enter the Loolandre with the protoplasm creature, Eric Weidenburn manages to retake control and to break free. The protoplasm disappears in hyperspace and the ensuing confusion causes some of its psychic energy to be released brutally, flooding the Loolandre with a psychic shock.

Irmina Kochistowa and Jercigehl An happen to be patrolling in this area and they see the Armadasmiths retaking control of the creature. The various members of the Loolandre Patrol are struck by the psychic attack and lose their willpower. Most of them are captured by the Armadasmith, among which are Atlan, Icho Tolot and Carfesch. Parwondov decides to use them as bait to capture Perry Rhodan.

A Torkrotian spaceship delivers a message from Icho Tolot and Jen Salik to the Base: Perry Rhodan's presence is required inside the Loolandre.


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