1196 - Die Waffenhändler von Mrill
The Arm Dealers of Mrill
H.G. Francis

On the Machine 6, Mirona Thetin is trying to break free of the influence of Ochlemech, the commander in chief of the Element of the Mask, who has the power to send her back to her past with the Chronimals. The Tefrodians are now turning against the Decalogue of the Elements and launch an attack against the Machine 6. Mirona Thetin uses the attack to take over and she manages to kill Ochlemech.

Bull, Taurec and Vishna learn that the Tefrodian leaders are currently negotiating weapons from the Arm Dealers of Mrill. When they arrive at the coordinates, they realize the Mrill spaceship is the Machine 6. The combined attack of the Maahks and of the Terrans destroy the Machine 6 and Taurec picks up a psi projector shortly before the spaceship vanishes. Then he uses this projector to cast the Peace Aura of the flame throughout Andro-Beta, where a common understanding between Maahks and Tefrodians is finally established.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-12

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