1195 - Krisenherd Andro-Beta
Crisis in Andro-Beta
H.G. Francis

Kazenkatt has surrounded the World of a Hundred Suns with an impassable energy shield and launches another Machine, this time toward Gorgengol. Using Chronimals, the Machine casts Gorgengol in the past. The Signal Flame finally arrives on Gatas and surounds it with its Peace Aura.

The new events revive Taurec's memories who now realize that he was sent by the Cosmocrats to secure the Chronofossils so that the Endless Armada can restore Triicle-9 to its resting place. The space corridor that the Signal Flame has been creating so far is no longer necessary.

Kazenkatt then turns his attention toward Andro-Beta where he wants to start a war between Maahks and Tefrodians. He uses the Element of Time to bring back the clone of Mirona Thetin and he installs a device in the center of the mini-galaxy that fans out the feeling of hatred that both peoples already feel toward each other. Kazenkatt's ultimate goal is to have the Maahks detonate the planetary bombs they left on Tefrodian worlds after the end of the previous war between the two races.

Bull, Taurec and Vishna penetrate inside Andro-Beta with the help of Grek-0, a Maahk who is not affected by the panic field permeating the galaxy. The Terrans manage to deactivate the panic field and the Maahks stand down.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-11

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