1193 - Gestern ist heute
Yesterday is Today
Detlev G. Winter

Using the Element of Time, Kazenkatta brings Margin I back in time before the gravitational bombs of the Masters of the Islands destroyed it. In exchange, Kazenkatt asks for two hundred thousand tons of protoplasm, which he needs to stabilize the central protoplasm in the present time before it develops an immunity against the Hexadim Activator and manage to neutralize the Hate Device. Then Kazenkatta casts Margin I further in the past, where it gets destroyed by bombs.

A group of Terrans escape the Posbis and observe Kazenkatt install a device that forbids hyperdrive travel in the vicinity of the World of a Hundred Suns. Meanwhile, the protoplasm that Kazenkatt received from the past is being conditioned to turn the planet into a trap for Perry Rhodan and the Endless Armada.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-07

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