1191 - Im Schattenreich der Yo
In the Empire of the Yos
Kurt Mahr

An Armada-Monteur greets the Terrans inside the planetarium where they are tested the Yos, energetic shapes that were once imprisoned by Ordoban because they were trying to take over the Heart of the Armada. Heernx, a mass of protoplams that is in charge of the planetarium, shows the Terrans a model of the Loolandre, which is 350 million kilometers big and filled with countless corridos and galleries.

The planetarium is suddenly attacked by creatures called the Astaludes and Callamon falls inside the protoplasm, which disappears. Durk is powerless to help Callamon and flees as the Astaludes enter the planetarium.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-1

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