1190 - Die stählerne Spinne
The Steel Spider
Kurt Mahr

Clifton Callamon and Leo Durk are another member of the Loolandre Patrol, and they discover a gigantic metallic spider web on the way to the Loolandre. Their shuttle is pulled by a tractor beam and they are captured by the Gharwos, the inhabitants of the web, who protect the access to the Loolandre.

Callamon and Durk are handed over to the Web Pariahs, a group of destitute Gharwos, who team up with them. Meanwhile, the Gharwos accuse the Terrans of having killed Ordoban but Callamon manages to convince them that the Galactic Fleet is actually here to help Ordoban.

The Gharwos accept to take the Terrans to the planetarium of Heernx, where they should be able to get more information about the Heart of the Armada.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-1st

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