119 - Saat des Verderbens
Seeds Of Ruin
William Voltz

A cylindrical vessel of one hundred meters in length emerges from hyperespace at the periphery of M-13 and heads toward a small red sun.

On Earth, Chester McDowell, the head of a department in a research institute dealing with extraterrestrial life, studies the mysterious plant that has spread all over Azgola - the lipo-fungus (fat moss). This fungus (moss) spreads spores endowed with hypercaloric properties into the air. Perry Rhodan receives the Regent's report: there is a high probability that three space vessels exist in the galaxy that are related to the lipo-fungus (fat moss) - a scout ship to find adequate worlds, a seed ship and a harvester ship.

The scout vessel that has arrived in the system of the red sun scrutinizes the second planet and then emits signals. These signals are detected by the heavy cruiser GULF OF MEXICO that in turn informs the Earth.

The seed ship ends up reacting to the signals of the scout vessel, in spite of the internal disruptions between its three robot-commanders.

The IRONDUKE immediately takes off, picks up McDowell, and arrives at the Snarf System which is 33,486 light years from Earth. Three auxilary vessels leave the flagship and head for the planet Snarfot. Thousands of robots leave the seed ship and begin to spread their grains (seeds) all over the planet. Snarfot is little by little enveloped by spores. Kakuta himself teleports aboard the scout vessel. The first time he is located and captured by robots, he is ejected into space and has to use his powers to come back aboard. The second time the robots seize him, however, they pull off his spacesuit before they prepare to eject him into space. The scout vessel attacks the IRONDUKE with a paralyzing weapon. The autopilot saves the flagship and takes it far away from the planet since all of its crew is unconscious.

Meanwhile, Tschubai and Pucky jump into the seed ship. Their mission is to imobilize the strange vessel.

On the planet, McDowell is killed as the result of an ordinary accident.

Pucky finally succeeds in destroying the devices that control the robot seed-sowers. The robots crash to the ground all over the planet.

The IRONDUKE, whose crew has recovered consciousness, returns to Snarfot. Commando teams land on the scout vessel and save Kakuta just before he is ejected into space. Contact is then established with the seed ship's three robot-commanders. It appears that the "Constructors" of the entirely robotized ships charged them to spread the lipo-fungus throughout the galaxy in order to procure food for themselves. Apparently, their planet had turned too cold. Alas, contact has been lost with the harvester ship.

Signals are received however, coming from depths of space.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-31

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