1189 - Alaska Saedelaere
Alaska Saedelaere
Marianne Sydow

As Alaska Saedelaere and Carfesch are headed toward the Loolandre, the Cappin fragment still inside Alaska's body makes him behave erratically and the shuttle crashes to the surface. They discove a big crater and a race of small humanoides who seem to perform some kind of work related to it. The two men separate to explore the crater further.

Carfesch discovers that the bottom of the crater is a hatch opening up on a radiactive fire. Alaska is discovered by the humanoides, who call themselves Plegick-Trofs, and accompany him back to the surface. During one of his delerious dreams, Alaska is contacted by his old friend, Kytoma. The young woman tells him she finally found her people and she is inviting Alaska to join them, or the Cappin fragment will eventually drive him insane.

Alaska is also contacted by his Cappin fragment, who still contains the personality of the Cappin it used to be a part of before the failed pedo-transfer rematerialized him on Alaska's face. The Cappin personality and Alaska decide to accept Kytoma's offer and after informing Carfesch, they vanish toward their mysterious destination.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-30

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