1188 - Die Loolandre-Patrouille
The Loolandre Patrol
H.G. Ewers

Pucky, Nachor and Tekener try to teleport on the Sol, which is protected by a fleet of the Torkrotians, but they rematerialize in a spaceship of the Armadasmiths. Pucky's next teleportation encounters an unknown obstacle and Nachor doesn't rematerialize with them.

Back in the fleet, Rhodan decides to create the Loolandre Patrol: eleven teams of two people will go explore the Loolandre, trying to break past the Barbarian fleets.

Irmina Kochistowa and Jercigehl An land on a planet where they find a White Raven with a damaged sail. Their efforts to help him fail and the White Raven dies, soon followed by a fleet of thousands of them, which come crashing on the planet. They leave and head further into the Heart of the Armada.

On the Sol, Scoutie and two crewmates use a diversion to break through the blockade of the Torkrotians. At the last minute, their shuttle is captured by an energetic net that hurls them into a microcosmos, where they meet the Nachor of Loolandre, who rematerialized there after the botched teleportation. They manage to come back to the normal universe.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-29

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