1187 - Zielgebiet Armadaherz
Destination: Heart of the Armada
H.G. Ewers

Parwondov and three other Armadasmith reach the Loolandre and make contact with the Trygazians, who are the protectors of the Heart of the Armada. The Armadasmiths have on board the protoplasm entity that was once Eric Weidenburn, and they have conditioned it to respond to the name Ordoban so that it will be ready to overtake the commander of the Endless Armada.

The Trygazians don't trust the Armadasmiths and try to lead them into a trap, but the Armadasmiths see through it and neutralize the Trygazians, forcing them to obey.

The Sol, followed by the Barbarian fleet, enters the Loolandre and is led into a trap by the Armadasmiths, who convince the Barbarians that Atlan is not the messenger of Ordoban. The Armadasmiths order Losridder-Orn, the Barbarian leader, to protect the Heart of the Armada against the upcoming Galactic Fleet.

When the Galactic Fleet shows up in the Loolandre, 900,000 Barbarian ships block its passage and Rhodan understand that Atlan has been captured and that the Armadasmiths reached the Heart of the Armada before them.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-22nd

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