1186 - Dekalog der Elemente
The Decalogue of Elements
Ernst Vlcek

Kazzenkatt summons the Decalogue of the Elements from his hiding place, a pulsar inside Eastside. First, the chronimals, small creatures from the periphery of the Negasphere who have the abiliy to influence timelines. They are the Element of Time. The Element of Technology creates hundreds of Elements of Transcendance, slugs that can turn their victim into an apathy state.

The Gruuthes are the Element of Space: one-hundred long worms shaped as T's that travel through space and carry the Elements of Spirit. The Elements of Mask, also called Margenans, have the ability to take the shape of any creature and can only be betrayed by their smell. Kazzenkatt decides to launch the offensive without the Element of Darkness, that he fears anyway.

Thousand of ships from the galactic fleet gather in the system of Verth to defend Gatas. Taurec tells Bull that when the Endless Armada arrives in the Milky Way, it must go through every single Chronofossil of the galaxy, among which are Gatas and the World of a Hundred Suns, where the Posbis are still busy fighting the Element of Cold.

The Element of Technology teleports a few Elements of War on Gatas. This new generation has been altered to resist Taurec's neutralizing weapon, and soon, the Blues are reduced to a small army entrenched in the seat of the Blue government.

The Elements of Spirit attach the Galactic Fleet but the Terrans realize that the Antis are able to resist them. Similarly, the Element of Space can be repelled by Gravity bombs and they soon have to retreat. Disguised as Halutians, the elements of Mask land on Gatas and introduce several Elements of Transcendance on the surface. The Element of Time brings from the past hundreds of Blue soldiers but Ernst Ellert manages to neutralize them.

Kazzenkatt is suffering from increasing perturbations coming from mysterious disturbances in the pulsar where he is commanding his armies from. He eventually loses control over the Elements and has to retreat on board his spaceship, the Prince of Reason. His last command before he leaves is to activate the Element of Darkness.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-20

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