1185 - Feind der Kosmokraten
Enemy of the Cosmocrats
Thomas Ziegler

Kazzenkatt has the ability to Zero-dream, which allows him to teleport his consciousnesses across great distances and to control the other elements. He arrives on the World of a Hundred Suns, which is one of the Chrono-Fossiles. The Element of Cold has already acted there and surrounded the planet with a gigantic wall of ice. With the help of the Machine 12, one of the spaceships in his armada, he prepares a trap for Taurec and then heads for the system of Vizzin.

When the Syzzel arrives in the system of Vizzin, a fictive transmitter teleports it on the surface of the planet, where the spaceship is suddenly wrapped in a field of Shape Energy. Taurec, Vishna and Bull are captured and taken on board the Machine 12, but Ellert manages to decoporealize himself and escape the trap.

By exploring consciousnesses on the Machine 12, Ellert discovers Kazzenkatt's plan: destroy the Signal Flame with a hexadim magnet controlled by the Element of Technology. Ellert sabotages the Machine 12 and frees the three prisoners. They leave the spaceship as it blows up, destroying the hexadim magnet.

The Signal Flame appears and displaces the system of Vrizzin, as planned. Then it heads toward Verth, the central world of the Blues which also happens to be the Chrono-Fossile for the East side of the Milky Way.

After his defeat, Kazzenkatt is summonned by Master of the Elements in the Negasphere, the space ruled by the Powers of Chaos where no laws of physics and no causality apply.

He is told that he underestimated his enemies and that he now needs to invoke all the Elements at once if he wants to prevail. Kazzenkatt complies and sends a call to the remaining elements: the Element of Time, the Element of Space, the Element of Mask, the Element of Transcendance, the Element of Spirit and the Element of Darkness, probably the most dangerous of all and which hasn't been used in three thousand years.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-15

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