1184 - Der Weg der Flamme
The Way of the Flame
Thomas Ziegler

Taurec explains to Bull that the Decalogue of the Elements was created by the Powers of Chaos millions of years ago, before the Frost Ruby was anchored by the Porleyters. In the meantime, all they can do is follow the Signal Flame, which arrives near a Solar System. The Flame wraps the entire solar system in an energetic field and suddenly, the entire solar system disappears. Taurec explains that the Signal Flame is creating a corridor of ten light years in the Milky Way os that the Endless Armada will be able to fly through. The solar systems are displaced in another dimension that can be reached through an interdimensional tunel.

On the Blue Ship Trillit Tyrr, the Element of War slowly manages to infect the entire crew and it then sets cours toward Kaarjon, the next solar system that the Signal Flame is headed toward.

Bull, Taurec and Vishna arrive in Kaarjon and when the displacement occurs, they are taken into the other dimension along with the solar system. In the normal continuum, a giant spaceship of one hundred kilometers appears called the Prince of Reason. It carries the Element of Technology and is commandeered by Kazzenkatt, the Element of Command, who is in charge of the Decalogue of the Elements.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-13

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