1183 - Zwischen Licht und Finsternis
Between Light and Darkness
Detlev G. Winter

The Flame arrives near a planet called Zulut, inhabited by a Blue people called the Hanes. Under the pacifying influence of the Flame, the Blues welcome Taurec, Vishna and Ellert. Guided by a psychic voice, one of the Hanes explores a cave and discovers the Element of War, the second element of the Decalogue. It is a small crab with twelve legs that settle on the should of its victim and floods it with feelings of hate. The Element of Way has the ability to reproduce like amoebas, and soon, half of the planet is under its influence and violent fights erupt everywhere.

The Terrans fall back and thanks to some Cosmocrat technology, Taurec managers to neutralize all the Elements of War. All but one, who is sitting on the should of a Blue called Yurn, and who managed to escape from the attack. Yurn manages to sneak on board of the Gatasian fleet as the Signal Flame withdraws.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-10

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