1182 - Das Element der Kälte
The Element of Cold
Arndt Ellmer

In the Milky Way, Reginald Bull addresses the GAVOK to let everyone know about the death of Seth Apophis and the imminent arrival of the Endless Armada. The news is received with a lot of worry from the people of the Milky Way, who are afraid that such a huge fleet will create chaos and destruction in its wake.

When Ernst Eller penetrates inside the Time Tower Zero, he feels a deadly cold and Taurec tells him he has just seen a glimpse of the future to come. Vishna informs the Terrans that all the Time Towers need to be taken down so that whatever happens in the future doesn’t risk to impact the past as well. All the Time Towers disappear and are replaced by columns allowing the Terrans to connect the Viral Empire whenever they need to.

In the Eastside sector of the Milky Way, a fleet of the Blues is following the signal sent from Gorgengol. When they reach the planet, they are puzzled by the presence of the Signal Flame. Suddenly, the temperature on the planet starts dropping dramatically and when it reaches the absolute zero, everything touched by the cold dissolves.

Ellert, Taurec and Vishna arrive on Gorgengol and realize that the Powers of Chaos have taken notice of the flame and are now trying to disrupt the arrival of the Endless Armada in the Milky Way. The Powers of Chaos have an arsenal of ten weapons called the Decalogue of the Elements. They just activated their first weapon, called the Element of Cold, which emanates from a different universe where the absolute zero is -961 degress, and not -273 degrees in the normal universe. When the cold drop unders -273 degrees, the target of the attacked is transferred into the other universe.

As the Element of Cold propagates, Taurec and Vishna realize that their only hope is to activate the Signal Flame earlier than planned. This activation was supposed to happen only when the Endless Armada would reach Gorgengol, but it is the only way to save the Flame. When the activation is triggered, the Element of Cold disappears and Gorgengol dissolves. Then the Flame accelerates and disappears in linear space, followed by the Syzzel with Taurec, Vishna and Ellert on board.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-09

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