1181 - Die Clansmutter
The Clan Mother
Marianne Sydow

Weakened by the silence of the Heart of the Armada, F’durnadde, the clan mother, remembers her origins.

In a distant past, the barren planet F’durnadde was inhabited by the Skops. Capable of space flight, the Skops preferred to stay on their planet and send probes called Collectors to seek out new life and bring it back in a space station orbiting F’durnadde call the Aquarium. As their planet was slowly dying, the Skops built a bigger Collector and sent it out with one single female on board.

When the Collector returned to F’durnadde, the planet had died and the female Skop, who took the name of the planet, asked to be taken to the Aquarium. She took over the many races living there and use a race called the Vochs to assist her. She fitted the Aquarium with an interstellar drive and left.

After hundreds of years, she arrived in a region of space where she was contacted by a voice informing her that she had just been recruited to lead a fleet whose goal was to protect Triicle 9.When the Terrans reach the Aquarium, they find the lifeless body of F’durnadde who dies shortly before their arrival.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-09

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