1180 - Das Clansgericht
The Clan Tribunal
H.G. Francis

Iralasong tells the Terrans they must engage in a one-on-one fight against one of their representatives, and the outcome of the duel will determine if they will be allowed to proceed inside the Loolandre. Pucky volunteers and the fight starts on an isolated space station against a creature that possesses several psychic faculties. Initially overwhelmed, Pucky eventually wins the fight by telekinetically closing the air intake of the creature. Iralasong accepts his defeat but orders Pucky to serve him as a bodyguard from now on.

Gryden-Holmes wants the clan tribunal to gather and try Iralasong, whom he accuses of treason. Rhodan decides to infiltrate the tribunal with Clifton Callamon who learns that Gryden-Holmes is trying to have the Terrans accused of kidnapping the clan mother. The accusations are dispelled, Gryden-Holmes is sentenced to death and the Terrans are allowed to proceed inside the Loolandre.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-08

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