1179 - Vorhof des Loolandre
The Entrance of the Loolandre
H.G. Francis

The Loolandre contains the first one hundred peoples who joined the Endless Armada. Ten clans led by the Irtuffe Iralasong, are in command. Iralasong slows down the Base by flooding it with shaped energy and then casts a psychic attack on the Prince of the Armada. Nachor almost dies but Pucky neutralizes the originator of the attack, a slug-like creature that was teleported on the Foundation.

Iralasong’s lead is challenged by Gryden-Holmes, who has stayed faithful to the principles that Ordoban created. Since Ordoban has been silent ever since the Armada rematerialized in M 82, the clans are now waiting for the arrival of the Clan Mother. When Gryden-Holmes realizes that the Prince of the Armada is on the Foundation, he orders the shaped energy to be stopped and Iralasong to be demoted from his position.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-08

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