1178 - Die vierte Weisheit
The Fourth Wisdom
Kurt Mahr

As the Galactic Fleet is now blocked in front of the fourth gate of the Loolandre, Perry Rhodan dreams of his childhood.

The young Perry Rhodan arrives in Daytona Beach to spend the summer with his uncle, colonel Malone, at the military base. He is contacted by accomplices of Tin Can who blackmail him, threatening to kill his mother if he doesn’t keep them informed of his uncle’s every move. When the criminals get close to being able to kidnap the colonel, Sato Ambush appears in Rhodan’s dream and influences the events so the attempt fails.

When Rhodan wakes up, he remembers his dream and realizes that all these events must have happened in a different reality. The fourth Wisdom comes to him and when he utters it, Chmekyr appears to the Terrans under his real shape, a small pyramid. He tells them that he used to be Ordoban’s assistant and that he will lead them through the Loolandre.

The gate dissolves, revealing a dark space.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-08

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