1177 - Der Junge von Case Mountain
The Young from Case Mountain
Kurt Mahr

The Galactic Fleet is in front of the third gate of the Loolandre when a new plague hits the Terrans: their negative sides are reinforced, causing an increasing number of thefts, fights and murders. An individiual called Lead Can contacts the fleet and asks for supplies. Arnulf Hochstens, who was chosen earlier as the messenger of the Armada Prophet, tries makes contact with him, hiding Perry Rhodan on board.

When Rhodan meets the mysterious Lead Can, he suddenly remembers him from his past, long ago, under the name Tin Can. Lead Can shoots Rhodan with a blaster and harms Rhodan, plunging him into a coma. Between life and death, Rhodan remembers his youth...

In 1948, Perry Rhodan, then eleven years old, lives with his parents, Mary Tibo and Jakob Edgar in Case Mountain, Connecticut. Rhodan's project at school, a star globe, is stolen and Rhodan and his friend Lery are suspected by the principal. Rhodan investigates and discovers that the thief is Vince Torino, nicknamed Tin Can, who sold it to a man named Logan.

Rhodan and Leroy track Logan and have him arrested. Afraid that Logan and Tin Can might harm their son in retaliation, Rhodan's parents send him off in Florida with his uncle, the colonel Kenneth Malone, who works in Cape Canaveral.

Still in a coma, Rhodan is delirious and utters the third wisdom: "Wise is he who recognizes that the past determines the future". When he hears it, Chmekyr opens the third gate of the Loolandre and the Galactic Fleet proceeds, even though 80% of its personnel is now imprisoned, still under the effect of the latest plague.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-12

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