1176 - Die Nichtwelt
The Nether World
H.G. Ewers

When the Earth and the Moon exit from the Grey Corridor, they are met with a representative from It who congratulates them and tells them about the defeat of Seth Apophis in M82. He also says that the Earth will stay at its place for the next five hundred years.

Ellert completes his metamorphosis and he now has a body that no longer needs protectin from the void. He can now find energy from the light and is covered with viral clothes, allowing him to turn into a viral cloud and various other shapes. He receives a new name: Metamorph.

Because of his new abilities, he accompanies Taurec and Vishna to a dangerous world called Gorgengol. Gorgengol is a giant computer that was created after the explosion of the first Viral Empire. Since then, it has been perverted by multiple external influences and that's what Ellert must help the Cosmocrats to set straight.

Gorgengol is ruled by an amoeba-like creature that feeds off life. Helped by a robot called Moroch, Ellert penetrates inside the creature and destroys it with a key that Taurec gave him. The fusion of the key and of the creature create a giant blue flame several millions of miles high, which looks like an Armada Flame. Taurec tells Ellert that the flame will help Rhodan find its way with the Endless Armada through the Milky Way.

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