1175 - Zeitbeben
Time Quakes
H.G. Ewers

The compression of the Viral Empire is sending disruptions throughout the mini-Earths, and causing its inhabitants to experience random returns in the past. Reginald Bull witnesses the invasion of the galaxy by the Hordes of Garbesch, 1.2 million of years ago.

Taurec and Vishna approach the Viral Empire who protects itself, suspecting that the two Cosmocrats are trying to destroy it. On the Earth, Danton and Demeter enter the Time Tower where Ellert resides and they are also subject to various past events, such as the war of the Arkonides against the Druufs and the Cappin conflict.

Taurec and Vishna finally enter the Viral Empire and manage to convince it of their motives. The connection between the Time Towers is restored and the virotronic network is now about to be destroyed.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-12

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