1174 - Duell der Kosmokraten
Duel of the Cosmocrats
Ernst Vlcek

Because of the Storm Rider perturbances, the Grey Corridor starts destabilizing and the Earth is attacked from its various inhabitants. The Storm Riders and the Adepts are engaged in a fierce battle and Vishna loses 30% of her troops.

In order to become a full Cosmocrat, Taurec tries to merge with his shadow. They were separated fourteen months earlier when Vishna attacked the Cosmocrats, who sent Taurec on this side of the Matter Sources.

In a distant past, Taurec and Vishna were both cosmocrats. Taurec aspired to serve the code of the Cosmocrats while Vishna was hungry for power. She merged with the Viral Empire in an attempt to gain more power but the giant computer's failsafe made it explode, scattering Vishna's consciousness throughout the universe.

This explosion caused an imbalance in the order of the universe and the Cosmocrats realized they needed to reconstruct the viral empire in order to restore that balance. Since neither the Knights of the Abyss nor the Endless Armada seemed to be able to restore the Moral Code of the universe, the Cosmocrats asked Taurec to do it.

Taurec received additional powers through his shadow but as soon as he emerged from the Matter Sources, he was attacked by Vishna, who separated them.

When Taurec attempts to reunite with Chthon, the shadow runs away, trying to protect his own personality that he developed over the past months. Vishna takes the form of Taurec and captures Chthon. Using the Moral Code of the Cosmocrats, Taurec manages to locate Chthon in the Tower Zero, where he meets with Vishna.

Taurec reunites with Chthon and confronts Vishna, whom he accuses of having joined the negative power of the universe. Using the Moral Code, Taurec manages to overpower Vishna who ceases to resist. The negative side of Vishna disappears and she rejoins the positive forces of the universe.

Still under Belice's human form, Vishna cleans up all traces of her work on the Earth. Only the Time Towers remain. The Viral Empire is reduced to the size of a large asteroid and placed in orbit around the Earth. Taurec learns from the Viral Empire that Quipu and Lethos-Terakdschan have disappeared after Vishna attacked Srakenduurn.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-12

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