1173 - Computerwelten
The Computer Worlds
Detlev G. Winter

The Earth and the Moon are reaching the end of the Gray Corridor, where the Viral Empire is located. The humans lose their memories and receive instructions from Vishna to build the Armor, made of a black fabric. Another task is to build the Surf, a five-meter long black board.

Each miniature Earth is a viral chip and each human equipped with an Armor can ride their own Surf. Fleets of two thousand surfers are commanded by the Adepts, who reside in Time Towers, tall constructions that are now all over the surface of the Earth. Each Time Tower corresponds to a different era on the Earth, the Tower Zero corresponding to a time before the Big Bang.

Chthon is kept prisoner in the Tower Zero while Ellert is in a different tower inhabited by the Adept Nightstone. Ellert befriends Nightstone and makes contact with the miniature Earths. He unleashes the Storm Riders, a commando made of several Terrans who managed to shake off Vishna's influence, among whom are Reginald Bull and Galbraight Deighton. The Storm Riders start sending bogus information through the virotronic network in order to disrupt Vishna's communication flow.

Meanwhile, Taurec has been observing the events on the Earth and he manages to penetrate inside the Grey Corridor with his spaceship, the Syzzel. Taurec arrives in the Tower Zero and frees Chthon, who realizes that he has always been Taurec's spiritual shadow. The two beings merge.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-12

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