1172 - Triumph der Kosmokratin
Triumph of the Cosmocrat
Arndt Ellmer

Now in control of the Earth, Vishna penetrates the Grey Corridor with three bounty hunters, who she drops off on the Moon with the mission of destroying Nathan and Chthon. Vishna then lands on the Earth and orders the Viral Empire to send the meta-agents, crystalline structures that materialize on the Earth and start building strange buildings.

The Headquarters of the Cosmic Hanse becomes Vishna's Palace and she gets ready to connect all the mini-Earths to the Viral Empire. Her efforts are disturbed by the appearance of the blue flame on the Earth, and Vishna understands that her opponent is still trying to stop her.

The three bounty hunters cause various damages on the Moon but they spare Ellert's life, who wasn't explicitly asked dead by Vishna. Ellert and Chthon arrive on the Earth and see the blue flame, which Chthon finds familiar without being able to tell why. He just knows it means that Vishna's opponent is coming closer.

Vishna takes the form of Belice and manages to capture Chthon and Ellert. She destroys the blue flame and activates the virotronic connection. All the miniature Earths suddenly light up.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-12

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