1170 - Abgrund unter schwarzer Sonne
Abyss under a Black Sun
Kurt Mahr

Ten days later, the Galactic Fleet reaches the second gate. In an altered reality, Jen Salik meets with a hermit who tells him a story involving "star hyenas" and a "bent cross". Salik must use these clues to find the Diadems. Chmekyr appears again in the Base and mentions the hyenas as well.

A fleet of five hundred spaceships appears near the second gate. Salik and Ambush make contact with the Suwi's who ask for help looking for the Diadems. They are cast into an alternate reality and locate a constellation of stars that look like a bent cross.

They land on a planet and learn the history of two entities called Freedom and Justice who used to rule over this area of space. They had two sons who rebelled against them and locked them up. The two sons were later called the star hyenas. They were never able to kill their parents, though, who were protected by the Diadems.

Salik understands that the hermit of his dream is one of the star hyenas and he kills it. The alternate reality disappears and Freedom and Justice are freed.

Back on the Base, Nachor remembers the second code: "You must fight for Freedom and Justice on a daily basis". The second gate of the Loolandre opens.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-09

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