1168 - Marionetten der Silbernen
Puppets of the Silveries
H.G. Ewers

Still prisoner of the Armadasmiths, Eric Weidenburn manages to escape with the help of a creature created by Carwanhov, the creator of the terasymbiote. Weidenburn frees some of his people who tell him about the injection of the terasymbiotes in his followers.

The terasymbiote starts transforming the Weidenburnians who are slowing merging into one big organism. Weidenburn's body starts changing as well but he manages to keep his free will. The Armadasmiths dispatch another creature, called Stacy Baby, destined to merge with the superorganism. Weidenburn manages to take control of Stacy Baby, which gains an Armada Flame in the process.

The Iccubath sets course for the First Gate.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-08

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