1167 - Bettler des Vakuums
Beggars of the Void
Marianne Sydow

After it entered the Frost Ruby, the Vivier Bontainer arrived on a planet inhabited by slug-like creatures called Lumens and giant plants floating in its atmosphere. Spaceships appear and the Terrans learn that they call themselves Beggars of the Void. They attack the Lumens and during the conflict, the Terrans learn that the Beggars of the Void are also called Zublzus and they serve Seth Apophis. They can stay for long periods of time in space but they need to stop on oxygen-based planets to recuperate and breed.

Outnumbered, the Lumens leave their planet and the double sun starts pulsating harder. Three Terrans try to touch a plant and pass out.

Meanwhile, the mental creature Bomra is looking for the Zublzus. It meets the Guardian, an entity whose body is made of asteroids who controls the peoples of Seth Apophis. When the Guardian destroys a Terran Gazelle, the Vivier Bontainer returns fire and destroys him. Bomra enters the lifeless body of one of the passed out Terrans and recovers his memory.

His name is Gerard Bom and he died during the assault against the Sun Hammer of the Armadasmiths. His consciousness merged into the sun and was later discovered by Seth Apophis. Gerard thinks that he ended up loving Seth Apophis with his new identity, and that the feeling was reciprocated.

When Seth Apophis was about to die, she let Bomra go and sent him after the Terrans so that he would recover his memory. The bodies of the three Terrans die and the Vivier Bontainer takes the Zublzus on board.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-07

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