1166 - Weltraum in Flammen
Space in Flames
Detlev G. Winter

The Lukyoons awakened by Atlan return to their fleet and find it in the midst of a violent energy rain. They call for help.

With the help of the barbarians, Atlan is busy trying to act as a diplomat beteween various Armada Units in dispute. He receives the impulses from the Lukyoons and dispatch a mission there, which finds the five thousand Lukyoon spaceships devastated. The only thing left is an intert protoplasmic mass, which makes Atlan think the Lukyoons merged before dying.

Atlan tracks the origin of the energetic storm to a construction floating in space which his second brain identifies as a weapon from Seth Apophis. Its commander calls himself a Beggar of the Void who dies when he realizes that Seth Apophis is no more.

The Base meets with the Krane fleet and detect the proximity of the Vivier Bontainer.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-07

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