1165 - Einsteins Tränen
Einstein's Tears
William Voltz

Millions of small blue spheres are headed toward the Earth. Nathan identifies radiations similar to those found in the Potential Compressor used by the Masters of the Islands centuries ago which miniaturized Rhodan in his team. Power sources throughout the Earth suddenly collapse.

Ernst Ellert wakes up in a body that is half decomposed. When he sees the spheres approaching the Earth, he remembers the vision that Harno showed him and he baptizes them "Einstein's Tears". Ellert remembers seeing millions of miniature Earths, all identical, and he suddenly understands the threat posed by the spheres.

All humans start shrinking except for Ellert, Chthon and Nathan, who protected itself by a paratron shield. When they analyze the spheres, Ellert and Chthon realize that they are all similar to the Earth and inhabited by one human reduced to the size of a virus. They understand that soon, Vishna will try to link all the humans to the Viral Empire.

Reginald Bull wakes up on an empty Earth and is mystified by what happened. He fugitively sees the giant face of Ernst Ellert in the sky but can't understand what is going on.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-13

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