1164 - Vishna-Fieber
Vishna's Fever
Arndt Ellmer

Vishna enters the Grey Corridor in a spaceship. She has to go through the intermediate zone, which stants between the Grey Corridor and the normal universe. On her way, she interacts with the Karzitanians and realizes that the Earth has survived the Plagues so far. She detects the presence of Chthon and understands that she must destroy him before she can conquer the Earth.

Using the help of a Karzitanian called Nolowengrol, Vishna creates a creature called Voyde who is then sent on the Earth to destroy Chthon. However, the two creatures being semi-corporeal, the battle that ensues doesn't produce any winner. Voyde retreats to the intermediate space followed by Chthon, who attacks him again. This time, they are both corporeal and using Nolowengrol's help, Chthon destroys Voyde.

The Viral Empire suggests Vishna to merge the next two plagues in order to cause a final blow to the Terrans. Two giant virus formations protected by a shield appear on the Earth and strike millions of Terrans, who fall into a coma for several hours and then recover as if nothing had happened.

Baptized Vishna's Fever, the diseases causes a reprogrammation of the victim's brain. All the victims start building complex devices whose purpose is unknown. When Chthon returns, he asks Bull to have all the machines destroyed immediately but they surround themselves with an infrangible protection shield before the Terrans can act.

Cedric Beust 2004-08-1

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