1161 - Totentanz in M 82
Dead Dance in M 82
Kurt Mahr

Seth-Apophis physically savors her triumph over Perry Rhodan, the henchman of her adversary IT. That's why they wake the now ancient Anximien Beraal-Body in the Golden Palace. Thus it is indeed vulnerable, but they also activate the Guardian. It is a psionic unit that can protect them from the Immune who have not responded to their jet-rays. What the Superintelligence does not know is that the Guardian also wakes the avenger - and the dead-dance can begin.

Rhodan and Nahor of the Loolandre are flown by Waylon Javier to Aitheran. There they will find the biotic robot Atoresk which has a wormlike body. Later comes the added projection Harman, which leads the Galactics to the Golden Palace. Here they confront the Super Intelligence, in an almost dead, already mummified female body. There follows the first mental blow to Rhodan and Nahor, in the center of its power is no longer a problem.

Now that her two opponents are incapacitated and with a second mental blow she will finally make them her slave. For the time being, Seth-Apophis sought her most powerful weapons to use against the Endless Armada. It is the Burning Army. She also brings the Cygrides to the planet, which she considers safe and secure.

The Avenger awakens after millions of years. It is a projection, a package of psionic vibrations with independent thinking skills. Its name is Simsin. The projection helps Rhodan and Nahor survive the effects of mental shock, and frees Javier from the clutches of the Superintelligence. Simsin reported to them the history of Seth-Apophis and transports them to the Golden Palace.

The work is done, and Seth-Apophis brings out the second, final, mental shock. She is startled, because the shock leads nowhere. The prisoners are no longer in the Golden Palace, and Seth-Apophis feels an unprecedented creaturely fear rising in her.

The projection Simsins divides into three individual projections. A-Simsin leads Rhodan, Javier and Nahor to an eerie place where they are to salvage something (the conserved Heel- Body). B-Simsin appears to the Cygrides, and he leads some of them to the Golden Palace. He has them reactivate the old programming of the Herald of Parsynns.

Meanwhile C-Simsin takes over áSeth-Apophis. For the Superintelligence it is a shock to see her former confidant again. But then it's easy for her to disable her enemies. Only after she recognizes the whole truth. The Golden Palace has once again become heralds and proclaims the greatness of Uxf÷rd. Thus she has lost contact with the Frost Ruby and her consciousness pool. The consciousness splinters are free again, and Seth-Apophis is no longer a Superintelligence.

The time of wrath and vengeance are not yet over. B-Simsin confronts Seth-Apophis and staggers the android body with a mortal blow. Shortly thereafter, enters A-Simsin with the Heel Body and Seth-Apophis' consciousness has only one chance. With the creaturely fear of the end, the consciousness leaves the dying Beraal body and returns to the original body. The Heel-female which will also soon lost her intelligence, flees from the Herald to the murky world Aitherans. Where there will soon come to an end.

Simsin disables the Herald, because the era is so like that of Parsynns, expired. Thus passes the projection of the avenger.

* * *

The Galactic Fleet is still some time in the vapor cloud. It turns out that Seth-Apophis' auxiliary people are free and have adjusted their attacks against the Endless Armada. On March 18, the fleet finally breaks out at the Loolandre.

From the history of negative superintelligence it has become clear that there is a negative counterpart to the Cosmocrats who do not aspire to order but to chaos. This raises the question how these Chaotarchs will react to this defeat of Seth-Apophis?

John E McClure 2015-08-16

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