1160 - Aitheran ruft
Aitheran calls
Kurt Mahr

On its way to Loolandre, the Galactic Fleet detects the aura of Seth Apophis on a planet called Redworld. A team lands on the planet and meets Harman, the messenger of Seth Apophis, who tells them that they will soon become slaves of the super-intelligence. During the interaction, Seth Apophis manages to turn a member of the expedition into one of her agents.

The fleet resumes its course and is soon attacked by forces of the super-intelligence. Most of the crew of the Base falls under Seth Apophis' influence except for the activator bearers and those that carry an Armada Flame. The super-intelligence contacts Gesil and tells her that she will reveal everything about her origin if she accepts to betray Rhodan. Gesil refuses.

Gesil asks the doctor to administer her a drug that will allow her to protect her thoughts and then devises a plan to reconquer the Base. Unfortunately, the doctor was under Seth Apophis' control and the Base becomes prisoner of the super-intelligence. The Terrans are taken to Aitheran, the center of Seth Apophis' kingdom.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-26

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