1159 - Seth-Apophis
Seth Apophis
Kurt Mahr

The Announcer enhances the Heel's brain capacities, making him more intelligent every year. Twenty-five years pass, and a spaceship from a race called Anximes land on the planet. They have detected the radiations from the Announcer and they want to study it. Seth Apophis penetrates the spaceship and incapacitates the crew. The Announcer forces them to find a new body to host the consciousness of the Heel, which is reaching the end of her life span. They choose a female-looking androide body. Seth Apophis then kills all the Anximes except for one, Simsim, who is forced to become her assistant.

Seth Apophis realizes that she now possesses the power to influence other human beings remotely. She taps into the sun to augment the power of the Announcer, which is now sending a message through the endangered galaxy, promising its inhabitants that the shockwaves currently shaking it up will soon be fixed. Seth Apophis names the galaxy Sethdepot and creates Aitheran, the city where she settles.

Over the years, Seth Apophis keeps casting her psychic jets within Sethdepot and soon starts venturing to neighboring galaxies. One thousand of years have passed and Simsim reaches the end of his life. Before dying, he tells Seth Apophis that he has never really served her. He has modified the message sent by the Announcer to warn the recipients about the danger represented by Seth Apophis and he predicts that soon, she will encounter enemies that will defeat her.

To protect herself, Seth Apophis deploys a new set of protections involving the Carmena, semi-sentient plants that can be found on a lot of planets within Sethdepot. The entire system containing Aitheran is hidden behind an energy field which makes it look like an empty nebula. Tapped beyond its energy, the sun starts giving signs of weakness and the internal planets are slowly deserted, replaced by spectral creatures.

Seth Apophis continues to spread, marking every creature under her control with a designated aura called the Aura Seal. At some point during her expansion, she meets for the first time one of her peers, who calls himself It. He warns her that she is overstepping her boundaries and that next time she tries to invest a domain that is not hers, conflicts will ensue. Confused, Seth Apophis retreats but she decides she will continue with her expansion anyway.

She finally gives up her corporeal appearance and merges into the millions of consciousnesses she has assimilated over the past centuries. She discovers a double quasar which she decides to use as a reflector to fool her enemies. She also locates a psi cloud radiating in the red spectrum that the calls the Psi Ruby.

More millennia go by and Seth Apophis starts feeling a growin unrest in her consciousnesses. She suspects that she is reaching a maximum capacity and she decides to transfer the consciousnesses inside the Psi Ruby.

The transfer has catastrophic consequences: the cloud blows up into a mini galaxy covering a thousand light years and suddenly disappears. It rematerializes millions of light years away and then keeps teleporting randomly throughout the universe. Every time it reappears, it causes entire star systems to explode under the incredible amount of energy it radiates.

The Cosmocrats decide to intervene and send the Porleyters on a mission to anchor the small galaxy. Using slow matter, Clynvanth-Oso-Megh and Lafsater-Koro-Soth manage to immobilize the spinning galaxy, which they baptize the Frost Ruby because it is no longer emitting any energy.

Seth Apophis realizes that the next step of her evolution, turning into a Matter Source, is not going to happen and she decides to fight It in order to avoid her fate: becoming a Matter Sink. She finds the Terrans and also the cathedral Kedschan, which is the seat of the Cosmocrats in her neighborhood. She manages to penetrate inside the cathedral and to steal weapons to use against the Terrans, among which the Time Points. She tries to conquer Kedschan but the last-minute intervention of Lethos-Terakdschan forces her to retreat.

Her offensive against Terra with the Time Points fails and Seth Apophis realizes that the Terrans are tough opponents. When she finally thinks she has them cornered near the Frost Ruby, they surprise her by plunging inside the small galaxy, shortly followed by the Endless Armada, which she knows nothing about.

The sudden materialization of the huge armada in her native galaxy puts her into shock and she loses consciousness for ten months.

Seth Apophis finally wakes up and, realizing the presence of numerous enemy spaceships in Sethdepot, orders her own forces to move against the intruders.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-22

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