1158 - Der Schiffbrüchige
The Outcast
Marianne Sydow

Still unconscious, Seth Apophis remembers her past...

In a distant past

The Parsynians live in the galaxy Uxford and have recently developed a new device called the Announcer designed to allow them to enlarge their perception of the world. They create a fleet of spaceships called the Missionaries and start investigating the nearby galaxies. One of the Parsynian astronauts, called R'Hsu, takes on board his spaceship a small female pet Heel.

The commander of the Missionary fleet is looking for a Matter Source, which he recently learned about thanks to the Announcer. The fleet arrives in a galaxy overrun by shock waves which damage their interstellar drive. R'Hsu's Missionary is damaged and forced to leave the Announcer on a deserted planet, along with the Heel, who has been baptized S'Etha-P'Oph'Is.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-21

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