1156 - Der Armadaprinz
The Prince of the Armada
H.G. Francis

Nachor of Loolandre is the chief of the rebels. He is also known as the Prince of the Armada although he can't remember how he got there. Rumor has it he is immortal, just like Ordoban. Using a device that an unknown individual gave him not long ago, Nachor leads the rebels inside the Armada Fortress Mogodon, commanded by the Armadasmiths Carwanhov, Xerzewn and Dronomon.

The Mogodon is also the place where the 100,000 Weidenburnians are kept prisoner. Some of them have managed to escape and are observing how giant masses of protoplasm are being brought on board for an unknown purpose. They learn that all the prisoners have been injected with small doses of the protoplasm, making them slaves of the Armadasmiths.

The altered protoplasm is destined to kill the weakened Ordoban while retaining control of the Armada Fleet, which will still think they are receiving order from him. However, the escaped Terrans manage to destroy the protoplasm with the help of Nachor.

On the Base, Eric Weidenburn remembers that when he received his Armada Flame, he received the instruction to go on the Morgodon.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-21

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