1154 - Flucht aus dem Grauen Korridor
Escape from the Grey Corridor
Clark Darlton

The dead body of Merg Coolafe is discovered on the Earth. When he realized that his body was the victim of the parasites, Ernst Ellert decided to leave Merg's body and try to escape from the Grey Corridor in order to look for help against Vishna.

Ellert makes contact with the Karzitanians, beings from a parallel dimension who live between the normal universe and the Grey Corridor. The Karzitanians help Ellert return to the normal universe. Guided by the Old Mutants, Ellert arrives on Eden II where he makes contact with It.

Unfortunately, the super-intelligence tells Ellert he can't use the Terrans right now. However, he shows Ellert the seventh plague, telling him that when the time comes, some crucial information will come back to his memory. With Harno's help, Ellert regains enough energy to return to the Earth. As he gets ready to cross through the Grey Corridor, he encounters an unknown force that hurls him one million years in the past during the prehistoric age.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-16

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