1151 - Das Babel-Syndrom
The Babel Syndrome
H.G. Ewers

A mysterious individual appears in Terrania to a man called Lassel Domaschek. The stranger says that the Earth is in great danger and that he must speak to Rhodan. Then he disappears.

Gravitational shocks shake the Earth and the scientists notice that the Earth and the Moon are slowly leaving their orbit. Moreover, language disruptions appear all over the Earth and people are having difficulties communicating. Computers also seem to be affected by the inexplicable phenomenon. Chthon appears again to Domaschek, who realizes that the visitor is only semi-material. He manages to bring him before Reginald Bull.

Chthon explains that Vishna is trying to displace the Earth in order to bring it into her kingdom. Soon, six more plagues will be hitting the Terrans. This first plage, baptized the Babel Syndrome, is only meant to confuse the scientists so they don't oppose the current movement of the Earth and the Moon while Vishna tries to take the Earth and the Moon through a region of space called the Grey Corridor.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-16

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