1150 - Die große Vision
The Great Vision
Kurt Mahr

The Womme supplies the location of the Armada Prophet to Perry Rhodan. The Terrans arrive in the vicinity of an asteroid protected by a force shield. The Armada Prophet contacts Rhodan and allows him inside the asteroid with a small crew. Inside, Rhodan faces Schovkrodon, who he thought was dead. Fighting through several illusions, Rhodan finally realizes that Schovkrodon is only an illusion generated by the Prophet to test him.

Finally, Rhodan and his group reach the center of the asteroid and the Prophet reveals three prophecies to Rhodan. In the first vision, Rhodan sees an Armada Forge destroyed while Armadasmith spaceships surrender. The Prophet says "The power of the Armadasmiths will be destroyed and they will be punished".

In the second vision, the Prophet tells Rhodan that he will find the Heart of the Armada.

Finally, the last vision says that "The Terrans will end up controlling the Endless Armada but that the new commander will have to find his own way". Rhodan realizes that the Armada will have to travel through the Milky Way.

Back on the Base, Rhodan is contacted by the Prophet one last time, all alone this time, who tells him that his prophecies must happen exactly as he said them, or the Galactic Fleet will be destroyed.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-16

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