1148 - Die schwarze Pyramide
The Black Pyramid
Kurt Mahr

Seven White Ravens arrive on Base-One and give Rhodan the coordinates of the Armada Chronicles. They urge Rhodan to rescue them before enemies seize them.

The Terrans find the planet where the Chronicles are and discover that they are contained inside a black pyramid protected by a shield that only lets Rhodan and a few other Terrans through. Faced with various puzzles inside the pyramid, Jercygehl An helps the Terrans find their way by telling Rhodan that the Endless Armada has been prophesized to go through five epochs.

Rhodan finally reaches the heart of the pyramid which contains several billions little boxes. Each box contains a small humanoid called a Womme who starts reciting a fragment of the history of the Armada when the box is opened.

Spaceships sent by the Armadasmiths appear on the planet and the Terran commando is forced to retreat. They take away the black pyramid but Rhodan managed to salvage one Womme before he left.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-16

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