1147 - Die Spur zu Ordoban
On Ordoban's Track
Detlev G. Winter

Atlan receives impulses from his Armada Flame. He thinks they come from Ordoban and he orders the Sol to head toward coordinates he just received. The flee arrives near the Armada Unit 4. They board a ship and discover Lukyoons who fell asleep during the transition through Triicle-9. Atlan understands that what he mistook as a signal from Ordoban is actually a psychic call emanating from the asleep bodies.

The Terrans wake up the Lukyoons who tell Atlan that only the Armada Prince knows where the Armada Heart is. However, Atlan still thinks he perceived Ordoban's presence in the signal he received.

Cedric Beust 2004-07-16

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