1145 - Der unsichtbare Bote
The Invisible Messenger
H.G. Ewers

Strange phenomena perturb the Galactic Fleet: behaviors are altered and a small crew steals a shuttle and heads out for an unknown destination. Rhodan has them followed and they discover a spaceship surrounded by a cloud. Eric Weidenburn tells Rhodan this is the Seal Ship where he received his Armada Flame.

A Terran commando led by Eric, who for now agreed to work with Rhodan since they both want to defend the Armada Heart against the Armadasmiths, enter the Seal Ship and is soon confronted to illusions created by the Flame Guardian. The Terrans finally realize that the Armadasmith Sarkonev has taken control of the Seal Ship and is passing as the Flame Guardian to kill them. The combined powers of Felmer Lloyd, Pucky and of the real Flame Guardian manage to destroy the Armadasmith. The Guardian then appears to the Terrans and gives them ten Armada Flames, also called Urianetics.

When they return to the Galactic Fleet, they of the attacks from arrow-shaped on Terran spaceships.

Cedric Beust 2004-06-17

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