1143 - Die Goon-Hölle
The Goon Hell
H.G. Francis

As Jen Salik, Ras Tschubai and Gucky awake, they suspect that they are now in the Armada Forge. The two mutants feel that they cannot use their psychic powers at this location. They also learn that their guards are from the people of Pellacks. They are 3.50 meters long, caterpillar-like creatures whose abdomen moves on four legs. The front body rises vertically and ends in a pointed head with two protruding eyes.

The Armada Forge is called HORTEVON and consists of the fabrication control ring and sphere. The ring has an outer diameter of 20 kilometers with a cross section of eight by four kilometers. In the ring, the control sphere is of a diameter of 6,000 meters. On board dwell the Silvers Parwondov, Catewnor and Meegoron. They are currently discussing how get at the Terrans, because apparently Schovkrodon has failed and is no longer alive.

The Pellacks tell their captives that they were the assistants of the Forge for many generations. In HORTEVON live three clans, each headed by a Hadr. The Pellack Schamar seeks just his Hadr Schumirg, because he has learned that the prisoners have similar ethical principles as the Pellacks and cannot be considered enemies. But Schumirg, who wants to take revenge, issues a fierce rebuff to Schamar.

Gucky feels a strong mental power source on board the control sphere in which they are located. Surprisingly, he can psionically recharge there and then makes a spontaneous teleportation. He meets a little later with Schamar who is willing to help him. The Ilt learns the concept of the Goon-hell, which the fabrication ring is intended.

The control sphere is called Wett, although the term actually means the psi potential. Most operations in the Forge are in fact psionically controlled and monitored. The Mental Energy or the Wetness is collected by the Armada on their raids and convey it to the Forges. There it will be hoarded by the Silver, because they want to use it in the battle against the Armada heart. Gucky refuels his energy again and then frees his two companions. Together with the Pellack they continue their flight - and the hunt for the Silver begins.

The four-man group finally reaches the fabrication ring which is divided according to the statements of Schamar into the regions Black Fire, the zone Great Curing and the area of the testing zone. The Pellacks working there are called blind die-hards. Gucky must again go to the control ball to psionically recharge. On 7 December 426 NGZ, the last thing Ras Tschubai mentally feels from him, is a cry of dire need.

John E McClure 2015-08-16

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