1142 - Sammelpunkt Vier-Sonnen-Reich
Meeting in the Empire of the Four Suns
H.G. Ewers

The Galactic Fleet arrives in the Empire of the Four Suns, following the SOS sent by Rhodan. Fearing an invasion, the Sooldocks attack them and the Terrans fight back with defensive weapons, neutralizing their computer systems. The Sooldocks can't reach a decision on how to deal with the problem of this massive fleet appeared at their door and the civil war gets worse.

Rhodan and his friends manage to escape from Vrugg while the fleet sent by the Kranes arrives in the Sooldock system as well, led by Surfo Mallagan in the SZ-2. The Sol is finally reconstituted and Atlan and Mallagan meet again with emotion.

Rhodan decides to send Danton and Demeter back to the Milky Way in order to inform the Terrans about the current events. Taurec accompanies them with his Syzzel.

Cedric Beust 2004-06-09

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