1141 - Die Zeit bleibt Sieger
The Time remains the Winner
William Voltz

Tekener brings back Grek-1 and twelve other Maahks from Lookout in order to help the Terrans fight Grek-336, who has resumed his attacks against the Cartel-Psi. Cracks in the psi field appear and Grek-1 tries to communicate with Greek-336, who explains his goals and how it is imperative for the future of the Maahks to prevent the Terrans from progressing toward desincarnation.

Grek-336 breaks away from Vishna and asks to be taken to Lookout in order to talk to his compatriots. While he testifies in front of his peers, the bodies of several Maahks around him dissolve and Grek-336 realizes that the development of the Shadow Maahks has already started.

Cedric Beust 2004-06-08

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