1140 - Der Eindringling
The Intruder
Marianne Sydow

On the east coast of Australia lies the sleepy town Melville. Just outside of the town, lives the cranky old couple Hurt and Tina Gassner. Their life outside of society changes on 16 November 426 NGZ abruptly when they find a metal object on the beach. They assume that a person is in the casing, but do not want to show anyone. About the Maahk from the future they know nothing about and think the stranger in the capsule for a criminal who will not be recognized and wants to rest for a few days with them.

Grek-336 , after all the adversity, actually urgently needs a break, and the house with the elderly couple is just the place for it, because they maintain almost no contact with their surroundings.

A few days pass without anything special happening. It almost seems that the Gassners have come to terms with their guest. But on 22 November as a surprise, Mildred Zimmermann with her six year old daughter Erika comes to visit. They are daughter and granddaughter of the Gassners. They have left spouse and father and are now looking for some distraction. But now they see the metal object and the visitor which generates stressful situations and hysteria. The situation in the small house threatens to escalate, which could mean the death of the humans.

The small Erika is allowed to play outside the house because Grek-336 sees no serious threat in it. The girl comes into contact with the ten-year old Norman Qualled and tells him about the strange visitor of their grandparents. The boy, in turn, carries the story to Melville.

On 30 November , the surveyor Grude Hannussen come to the right conclusions and notifies Terrania. The next day there comes  a large-scale operation of the security forces of the LFT and the Cosmic Hanse, but Grek-336 has withdrawn already. He is fully operational again for his battle against Terra.

John E McClure 2015-08-16

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