1138 - Triumph der Psioniker
The Triumph of the Psionics
Kurt Mahr

Grek-336 wants to destroy It, in order to stop the future progress of mankind toward desincarnation. He asks Ellert to contact the super-intelligence and in exchange, he will free two hostages. Ellert makes a first attempt and several mutants from the psi-cartel use the signal to locate the Maahk. Tifflor makes contact with him and tries to persuade him that Vishna is lyging to him and that the entity is actually immaterial.

Grek-336 refuses to surrender and Tifflor orders the attack. The underwater base is destroyed and the hostages are rescued. Grek-336 calls Vishna for help and manages to flee to New Guinea.

Cedric Beust 2004-06-08

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