1135 - Begegnung am Todesauge
Meeting with the Eye of Dea
Clark Darlton

Pucky saves the Hyrkt Crduun from a wreck about to crash on a planet called the Eye of Death. With his help, the Terrans manage to board an Armada Forge, with the goal of reaching an Armada Wall, a fortress made of thousand of cosmic forts. The Forge is commanded by Enzyon, who works for the Armada Smiths. Enzyon doesn't believe Crduun's story and he has the Terrans imprisoned for questioning.

As Enzyon is questioning Crduun, Pucky teleports outside his cell and hides several bombs. Enzyon finally kills Crduun and is now aware that the Terrans have mutant skills. Pucky resists the urge to kill Enzyon and teleports with Jen Salik and Ras Tschubai inside a Goon Block and they leave the Forge.

However, they fall into a trap: the Goon Block is towed toward the Armada Wall where para-traps immobilize the Terrans, who are paralyzed and imprisoned again by Enzyon, who preceded them there.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-27

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